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Accommodation & FEES



SEK 3795/team - We send an invoice to the e-mail address with which you registered your team, the invoice must be paid 10 days after it is sent out.

Participant categories:

  • Premium: SEK 2395/person. About 40 square meters, the largest cabins available, two separate bedrooms plus an extra bed. 4 beds.
  • Standardplus: SEK 2190/person. About 25 square meters. 4-6 beds. Nice, modern cottages. Bedroom + sleeping loft/extra room adjacent to the cottage.
  • Standard: SEK 2090/person. About 25 square meters. Good, classic cabins with bunk beds in one room.
  • Dormitory: SEK 1 990/person. We have dormitories from 6-24 beds. We can distribute leaders in smaller rooms and the players in larger rooms if desired and subject to space.
  • Local teams: 495 kr/person

* All cabins have a kitchen, dining area and bathroom. It is possible to buy bed linen and cleaning. Notify us before the visit.

Participant fees with accommodation include accommodation for two nights, six meals, water park, locker room and a fantastic football cup.

For local teams, lunch, adventure pool, changing room and a fantastic football cup are included. Please note that we have limited places for local teams. *Limited number of places in cabins, first come, first served.

A partial invoice will be sent out 6 months before the tournament. After that, the final amount comes 6 weeks before the cup and must be paid within 10 days.


  • Cancellation more than 4 months before the cup - You get 100% of the registration fee and participation fee back.
  • Cancellation less than 4 months before the cup - You get back 50% of the registration fee and participation fee.
  • Cancellation less than 3 months before the cup, the registration fee and participation fee will not be refunded.

The following applies to the participation fee for individual players (for example in case of illness):

  • Cancellation more than 2 weeks before the cup - You get 100% back
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the cup - You get 50% back
  • Cancellation less than 1 week before the cup, the participation fee will not be refunded


Each team manager is obliged to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each individual participant is responsible for their personal insurance outside of the plan. Luxcuper does not have group insurances that cover injuries, illnesses, thefts or vandalism.


Luxcuper is not responsible for refunds, nor is it responsible for financial loss or damage, which may occur due to events beyond Luxcuper's control, such as war-like event, fire, flood, interruption of public transport, government action, strike, or other force majeure - events.



There is an opportunity for you to stay in nice cabins on the camping area. The cottages have 4-6 beds and are located at the address Presterudsallén 2, 681 55 Kristinehamn, which is barely two km from Kristinehamn's Arena where the matches are played. You need to bring bed linen and a towel to the cottages, but there is an option to buy bed linen, let us know if you wish. 

Check-in to the cabins is done at the reception before 15.00 on Friday, if you arrive later, you will receive the keys and information to your accommodation down in Kristinehamn Arena. 

If you live in the cabins, you eat breakfast at the manor located in the camping area, lunch and dinner are served at the hostel where the dormitories are located (see address below). Observera att vi delar in er i stugorna efter tillgång på de.



If you choose to live in a dormitory, it is in the hostel where the rooms accommodate 16-20 people/room. Shower and toilet are adjacent to the rooms. There are bunk beds in the rooms with mattress, duvet and pillow. You need to bring your own bed linen and towel.  

The address here is Kasernvägen 7, 68154 Kristinehamn and it is barely two km from the Kristinehamn Arena where the matches are played. 

Check-in takes place at the reception and the reception is staffed 24/7. There are common areas with the possibility of games, hanging out or briefings in the house. All meals will be served in the same building as the dormitories, which is very convenient for you.