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Definitionen av Lux
The definition of Lux (lx) is the SI unit for illuminance. A lux is defined as one lumen per square meter.

For us, Lux means that we give that little extra. We are passionate about all things events and youth cups. Luxcuper wants to create an overall experience for you that you won't soon forget.

We live by our own saying - LUX
Quality, joy and energy! We want to give you an overall experience, for the players, leaders and of course the spectators. We love what we do and we know how much the experience around the cup means. After many years of experience with both good and less good arrangements, we have found a concept that you will like.  


We have been to Luxcuper's events three years in a row, for which we can give our warmest recommendations. Very well thought out arrangements where you have really thought through most of the important things, such as quick answers to questions before and during the cup, suitable game schedule, experienced and good referees and last but not least, they create a very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere during their arrangements

Tommy Rolke Coach

IFK Lidingö P06

We have been to Luxcuper's events since they started their business. It has always been professionally arranged and welcoming atmosphere. Before the cups, there has been clear information and quick feedback. They have also invested in trained and good referees, which means that the matches flow smoothly. A plus is also the nice accommodation and good game schedules. We can give our very best recommendations for Luxcuper!

Patrik Dolk Coach

IF Brommapojkarna P08

We would like to extend a big thank you to the entire organization for a very well executed cup. It is noticeable that you can arrange cups and that you have done it a large number of times. When everything around works, we leaders can focus on the team and the matches and not have to worry about logistical things or other things around.

Carl Emanuelsson Coach

GIF Nike F07

I have been to many cups during my 16 years as a coach at both broad and elite level. The cup you arranged is really professional and very structured with top class conditions!

Ferhat Boz Sportchef

Vendelsö IK F08

We at FC Bellevue would like to thank you for a fantastically completed cup. We had incredible fun and the boys were impressed by how professional you made them feel. We will definitely meet again. Thanks again from all of us.

Stanislav Sevcuk Coach

FC Bellevue P11