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Competition regulations


1. Luxcuper is played according to VFF's competition and representation regulations.

2. Class division

  • Boys and girls 2005/2006 (11 vs 11)
  • Boys and girls 2007 (11 vs 11)
  • Boys and girls 2008 (11 vs 11)
  • Pojkar och flickor 2009 (11 mot 11)
  • Boys and girls 2010 (9 vs 9)
  • Boys and girls 2011 (7 vs 7)
  • Boys and girls 2012 (7 vs 7)
  • Boys and girls 2013 (7 vs 7)

3. Field size

  • 13 år 9 mot 9 liten. Planmått: 65x50m.
  • 14 år 9 mot 9 stor. Planmått: 72x55m. Straffområde till straffområde och 5 meter in på varje långsida av ordinarie 11v11-plan.
  • 15-16 år 11 mot 11. Planmått: fullstor plan.

4. Balls, goals and equipment
7 mot 7 samt 13-åringar på 9 mot 9 spelar med storlek 4. Övriga klasser spelar med bollstorlek 5. Godkända benskydd är obligatoriskt i alla åldersklasser.

5. Competition format
12 years and younger
In the ages where playoffs are not allowed, games are played without a final winner according to the Swedish Football Association's regulations. In the first group stage, the teams are divided into groups of four or five teams where everyone faces everyone else. After that, a new draw is carried out where the teams are drawn into new groups and face new teams.

5.1 Group stage 13-16 years old
The teams are divided into groups where everyone plays against each other in a single series, followed by a playoff for everyone. First and second in each group go to the A playoffs. The third, fourth and fifth go to the B playoffs.
The order between the teams is determined by points. Victory 3 points, draw 1 point, loss 0 points.

The teams' position after the group stage is determined by the following:
1. Number of points.
2. Goal difference.
3. Most goals scored.
4. Mutual meeting.
5. Lottery.
(W.O. = 2-0)

5.2 Playoffs 13-16 years old
All teams advance from the group stage to the A or B playoffs. In the event of a loss in the playoffs, the team goes out of the tournament but then plays 1-2 placement matches. All teams are guaranteed 5-6 games during the tournament period. Luxcuper cannot be held responsible if teams are absent from/or drop out during the tournament.
In the event of a tie, a penalty shoot-out is resorted to according to FIFA regulations. Each team alternately shoots 3 penalty kicks each with different players. If it is still tied, the teams continue to shoot penalties, one penalty kick at a time with new players until the decision is made. Each penalty kick is taken by a different player and all players eligible to participate in the penalty kick competition must take one penalty kick before any player may take a second penalty kick. Return is not allowed in penalty kick competition. A ball that hits the goal frame and is on its way from the goal is counted as missed, as is the case of a goalkeeper parry.

6. Game time
11 vs 11 1 x 35 min.
9 vs 9 1 x 35min.
7 vs 7 2 x 20 min

7. Number of players and substitutes
7.1 Poolspel 12 år

Luxcuper arranges preparatory tournaments for the coming season. We therefore do not limit the number of participating players that the teams want to use in the cup or in individual matches. Substitution of players shall be applied by flying substitutions. Changes must take place at the center line. Incoming players may not enter the field before outgoing players have left the field. We urge everyone to let all players play at least 50% of the match.

7.2 Group stage and playoffs 13-16 years old
Substituted players may be reinstated in the same match. Substitution of players shall be applied by flying substitutions. Changes must take place at the center line. Incoming players may not enter the field before outgoing players have left the field. Goalkeeper changes must take place when the game is called off and be reported to the referee. Incorrect substitutions are punished with a warning.

7.3 Disposition of players
Förening som deltar med mer än ett lag i samma åldersklass får ej flytta spelare mellan lagen*. För övrigt disponerar föreningen spelarna i de olika lagen efter eget godtycke. Det är tillåtet att spela i äldre åldersklasser och flickor får spela med pojkar förutsatt att de har rätt ålder. Spelare som skall delta i flera lag skall finnas på varje lags deltagarförteckning. 

 *Undantag kan förekomma om lag vid skador eller av annan anledning indisponibla spelare. Vid dessa fall får alla lag låna in spelare upp till samma antal som de startade turneringen med. De spelare som ursprungligen tillhörde truppen ska starta och spela minst 50% av matchen. Inlånade spelare ska i första hand alltså starta på bänken. Ansökan om att låna in spelare från ett annat lag lämnas muntligen till cup-representant på plats. Cupledningen förbehåller sig rätten att bevilja eller avslå ansökan senast 20 minuter innan det ansökande lagets nästa match.

8. List of participants
All teams must submit a list of players who will participate in the team during the tournament. The list is preferably submitted digitally via the login that is assigned upon registration. In the case of updates during the cup week and during the cup's implementation, these preferably also take place digitally via the leader's login. All players must be entered with a social security number. Players who do not have a Swedish social security number or have a protected identity must be recorded with yymmdd-0000.

9. Dispenser
Dispensation for a maximum of two overage players/teams can be applied for in our cups. The application must be made via email to patrick@luxcuper.se After that no applications will be processed. Special reasons must be the basis for granting exemptions.

9.1 Dispenser F17 SvFF
Maximalt tre överåriga spelare (födda tidigast 2006 dvs. under innevarande kalenderår fylla höst 18 år) får antecknas på spelarförteckningen. Av dessa får maximalt två spelare delta som utespelare. Överåriga spelare ska vara registrerade i den deltagande föreningen. 

10Game details
10.1 Lineup

  • Players' numbers on the game shirt must correspond to the lineup.
  • The lineup must be completed with all leaders. Leaders must be in the technical area during the match.
  • The lineup must be checked no later than 15 minutes before the start of each match and any changes corrected. If teams use different numbers for home and away kits, numbers are preferably updated before the start of the match.

    10.2 Game uniforms

  • All match uniforms must be numbered and correspond to what is indicated on the lineup.
  • The numbering must be on the back of the match shirt and two players may not have the same number on the shirt during the same match.
  • If the referee in the match judges that one team must change uniforms due to similarity in colour, the last-mentioned team, the "away team", must change or put on vests. Vests are available in the secretariat.

11. Games
• Everyone must be changed and ready at the playing field no later than 15 minutes before the start of the match.
• All players must be insured by the respective club.
• Each team is responsible for its own supporters/fans and their behaviour. The behavior of the supporters may lead to the exclusion of the team from the tournament. Supporters and fans must be in the stands.

11.1 Varm up
Warm-up takes place without a ball on the running tracks. At 9 v 9 it is ok to warm up behind the goal without the ball.

11.2 Referee
Referees are appointed by Luxcuper together with Värmland's Football Association and via a selection of registered referees from the rest of Sweden. The referee responsible for the tournament is available at the competition office during the tournament.

12. Competition jury
The competition jury consists of representatives from Luxcuper and the judging committee. The competition jury processes and makes decisions regarding protests, punishments and competition/tournament regulations.
The competition jury's decision cannot be appealed.

12.1. Protests and punishments
Protests must be submitted in writing to the competition secretariat by the responsible manager, no later than 90 minutes after the relevant match has ended.

  • Protest fee SEK 500 must be paid in connection with the protest notification
  • According to rule 5 of the FIFA regulations, the referee's decision on the facts relating to the match is final. Protest against such decision does not give rise to action.
    If the protest is accepted, the protest fee is refunded.
    12.2 Expulsions/warnings
  • A player sent off in the event of a rough sending off is automatically suspended for the following match.
  • The competition jury can decide on suspension in further match(s) in the event of a serious expulsion.
  • Rough expulsions can be reported to the respective team's district association.
  • Warnings do not accumulate.

13. Walkover
Teams that do not participate in the match may lose the match by 0-3 following the decision of the competition jury. Judges in these cases cannot decide on winners. Teams that repeatedly miss matches may be excluded from the tournament. The competition jury can decide that teams should be excluded already at the first offense if there are special circumstances, e.g. that a deliberate W.O favors own team or clearly disadvantages another team in the group.

13.2 Match that is interrupted
If a match is interrupted and not completed, the jury has the right to decide on:

  • Resumption of match from the time it was interrupted.
  • Replay of the entire match.
  • Determine the result that existed at the time of the interruption.
  • Determine that a team loses 0-3.
  • Determine that both teams lose 0-3.

14. Game programs
The tournament management reserves the right to change the game program regarding group divisions, game times and game plans until the start of the tournament.

15. Organizer
Luxcuper arranges all our tournaments together with IFK Kristinehamn. All cups are sanctioned via the VFF.

16. Föreningslag
According to SvFF's regulations, all teams participating in sanctioned tournaments must belong to a football association. The same applies in Luxcuper's tournaments.